Welcome to Choklett's Blog

Welcome to Choklett's Blog
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Accessorize This..... :-)

So, my new found love is.... Accessories!  :-)

It's crazy because prior to my locks, I wasn't a huge accessory wearer....

But now, I love them....   =D

Whether its a bobby pin....  I love to clip my hair up, back, or side...  no picture...  :-/

Or a headband...

Or a flower clip....
You can barely see it, but there are 2 red flowers clipped in....
(Loc Loops, Back pinned up, Side up with flower clips, & the curls coming down on 1 side)
Its me and my sissy!  (Dec. 23, 2011)

Or my earrings....  I used to wear either hoops or studs (unless it was a special occasion), now, I am open to everything....  Even the bird on my shoulder....

This was the Last Night of 2011.  OMW to party with my wonderful Family to
bring in 2012!  I'm smiling so hard...
Because I'm Blessed and I know it!!!
So, as of today, I have been locked for almost 26 weeks, and I am 4 days away from my official 6 month lockday (on 1/13/2012)....

I love my hair...  It is so Fun and I am soooo HOT!!!  (heehee)




  1. Im all about the headbands and make-up....I have shopped more in 3weeks for make-up and hair accessories then I ever have in my life...LOL